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Poupa Marashi


I am Poupa Jenny Marashi, a civil rights attorney active in domestic and international civil rights litigation for the past two decades. Although I’m experienced with a wide variety of civil rights cases, I am particularly committed to advocating for people who have been harmed by police and prison officer misconduct. My New York City practice is based in the Bronx and I am primarily available to clients in the NYC metropolitan area.

Lawyers’ websites typically proclaim their most significant accomplishments in high-value cases. I conduct my civil rights practice a little differently, and I would like to use this space to share my litigation philosophy and capabilities with potential clients.


Any good lawyer believes in their cases — I believe in my clients. If you contact me with a potential claim, I will promptly and carefully investigate it before letting you know if I can take your case or refer you to someone else. Above all, I am here for your questions and concerns, and to give your case the attention and respect it deserves. It’s 2020, and no one should face injustice at the hands of officers who are supposed to protect and serve the greater good.


While every case is unique, there are many commonalities in the ways my clients’ rights have been violated by the NYPD, the ACS, the New York City Department of Correction, and the NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. You are not alone.

For example, if you believe your rights have been violated by an NYPD officer, you may be dealing with a problem officer who has been named in other lawsuits for similar misconduct. Your wrongful arrest and detention may be one instance of a general pattern of broken windows policing, opportunistic corner-cutting, or even outright corruption.

Marashi Legal’s aim is to focus on the unique details of your particular case without forgetting the bigger picture of policy change and criminal justice reform. Together, we can achieve justice in your case and pave the way for a better future where civil rights violations like you have suffered are not swept under the rug.

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